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All fencers at official fencing clubs are required to become a BFA member within a Month when first attend a club. Further details about memberships can be found on this site
Please provide at least one emergency contact (other main parent/guardian) and provide one or more contact number
It is good practice that the club is made aware of any medical conditions or allergies. Please also advise on any behavioural needs i.e Autism etc… These will be dealt with sensitively. It is important that all such conditions or allergies be advised to this Club below, and any change, or new condition or allergy, be advised to the club as soon as is practicable. If no medical condition or allergy exists, please state none.
British Fencing & Redditch Fencing Club does not wish to discourage the use of video or photographic equipment at events or training for appropriate use, but we will take all reasonable precautions to protect our members against the possible inappropriate use of films or photographic images. Redditch Fencing Club is very proud of its members and wishes to celebrate their successes through the use of the club website and outside publications such as local newspapers. To this end, our guidelines are as follows: • Ask for parental permission to use a child’s image and ensure that they are aware of the way the image is going to be used. • Ask the member’s permission to use his/her image. • Only use images of young members in appropriate dress. • Encourage the reporting of inappropriate use of images of young people. We ask that members/ parents/carers provide consent for the use of photography and video whilst in the club and competition environment
Many parents will accompany their child to training or events and will stay for the duration of the session. Some parents will drop their child off and collect them at the end of the session. For the younger child or vulnerable adult’s safety, we expect parents to come into the venue. Where a child makes their own way to or from a session or event, we ask parents to give their clear consent to this happening.
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