Fencing Shops

Allstar-Uhlmann manufacturer the worlds top selling fencing equipment. Internationally famous for providing the highest quality has made Allstar and Uhlmann the natural choice of World and Olympic champions over many years.

British Fencing Shop

The BF Shop has been launched to help broaden the range of products and services that British Fencing is able to offer its members, clubs and the broader fencing community. This is part of our plan to help modernise the sport, improve BF’s sustainability and to offer what we hope is a great way of being able to show your love and support for Fencing.

Blades Brand
Blades are the only manufacturer and distributor of fencing equipment in the UK specializing in the supply of 350N CE Level 1 kit to the beginner, club, school, university and starter set market.

Duelist Leading the EvolutionThe design team has been working hard breaking new grounds, producing ultra modern fencing equipment.Our unique product design makes Duellist stand out from the rest with its high quality and performance.

Leon Paul
Leon Paul is one of the largest suppliers of fencing equipment.

PBT UK’s online shop!From here, you can purchase PBT’s wide range of fencing equipment.