Costs & Info

What are the costs involved?

At Redditch Fencing Club it is very simple:

For the 2 hour session on the Saturday’s the costs are £6 per fencer (juniors & adults), to be paid when entering the sports hall

There are no Annual Fees

If you cannot attend a session you don’t pay for that one – simple…

We do however require all our fencers to become a British Fencing member

Do I need any special clothing or equipment?
Not necessarily. If you have your own fencing equipment, please bring it along. If not we have equipment at the club. You should wear a loose fitting t-shirt (or similar) and loose trousers or tracksuit bottoms and training shoes. You should also bring along a bottle of water for regular drinks.

We fence all through the year apart from half terms and the summer holiday. The general rule during half terms is that we fence on the first Saturday of the half term, but not on the 2nd (and 3rd if applicable). Other exceptions are during County or National events where most of our coaches usually participate themselves. We strongly advise you to check the Calendar on this site and/or check our Facebook page for any announcements