BFA Membership

For insurance and administrative purposes, all fencers at Redditch Fencing Club need to become a member of British Fencing

There are a variety of membership options available. For further details and to become a member, please visit the British Fencing website

Membership Categories

Starter – For newcomers to the sport, irrespective of whether they ultimately intend to compete or simply just enjoy a recreational form of fencing.  Renewals: Plastic – unlimited renewals.  Metal – U18: 2 years (one renewal), 18+: 1 year (no renewal).

Recreational – For people who want to fence in a club, participate in inter-club matches, but do not want to compete in conventional fencing competitions. Renewals: unlimited.

Compete – For people that want to compete. Renewals: unlimited.

Support – For volunteers, fans, supporters and parents. Renewals: unlimited.

Purpose     Introductory, Entry Level for Clubs & Schools (C/Ss) Basic Recreational for Fencers in Clubs & Schools For fencers competing Volunteers, Fans, Supporters and Parents


3rd party liability

/personal  accident

As for Recreational

Fence at any C/S session, friendly inter C/S matches held in member C/S’s

Not covered to fence abroad.

As for Recreational plus Regional/County/National training and competitive events

Covered to fence abroad.

As for Recreational
Events Included BF & HC Nominated Recreational  Events BF & HC Nominated Recreational  Events Unlimited  Category Competitions N/A
Sword Online Only Online + 1 Hard Copy/year Online + 1 Hard Copy/year Online Only
Voting Rights 18+ only 18+ only 18+ only None
Downgrade N/A N/A Recreational

For further information about all the categories, including the discounted Starter category memberships available for new members please have a look at Membership Categories and Benefits.

For details on the insurance policy that aligns with the Membership Scheme please read the Insurance Overview document.